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About the sample photos

A word about showcasing your work here.

We do respect your privacy and your willingness in sharing your photos in our website. Therefore, we are taking this matter very seriously. We certainly do not intend to “steal” your photos and displaying them to the public.

Photos listed here are found using automatic indexing program that makes calls to flickr periodically.

Technically, we are utilizing API services provided by flickr. You may choose to opt out yourself from listing your photos in the search result etc in your flickr profile settings.

flickr account policy - hiding from search
You may opt out from search completely

This is a Non-profit, non-commercial project

When we first started on this project, our only wish is to only create a platform that would benefit the photography community helping them with lenses and other camera gears and strictly a non-profit, non-commercial. The revenue we generate from advertisements in this site is to only fund the server cost that they barely cover the cost as a matter of fact.

How to get your photos removed

Please drop us an email at [email protected] if you want to have all your photos listed here to be removed. We will honor your decision without any questions asked. From then, our indexing program will not look into your photo stream anymore, permanently.

Otherwise, you may make use of the “Remove Image” link placed beside each photo if you deem that the photo is not suitable to be listed here for whatsoever reason. Again, no questions asked.

How to get your photos listed here

First of all, thanks a lot for your kindness. As for the moment, photos are listed here automatically by our customized program. There are of course some criteria that must be met before it get listed here.

Your photo must be tagged properly.That is how we can identify what equipment is used and we can match it with the correct lens or body. Sometimes, we do look at the EXIF data just to double confirm.

Optional but EXIF would be nice. As we are running this project, we hope that all of us can learn more through sharing of photos. Show off your work to the world and by attaching EXIF data to your photos, we would be able to learn better together.

Photo size. A photo must be at least 0.7 megapixels in size. Anything lower than that would be practically useless to be used as a sample photo.

Watermarking, framing and excessive post-processing. This may “spoil” the photos if done excessively. After all, we only want to show what’s as genuine as possibly taken by a particular lens or equipment. Therefore, we do not normally prefer to list any photo that “scores” in these departments.

I have a photo and I wish to get it listed here!

Surely, we would uber love it! Click here to sign up.

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