This camera simulator made by lets you experience with various variables in taking a photo ranging from lighting, distance, focal length and many more.
This is a promotional video on how Canon make its camera and lenses. It's interesting to see on what camera is made of, how it is produced and so on.
Before we carry on writing on the 'Guide' category for this part of the website, we think that we should do a bit of disclaimer here. We are not a professional organization having access to every single piece of lenses out there in the market to conduct thorough tests. Recommendations and views found in this article are solely based on our own takes.
This is a Field of View Calculator that let you graphically visualize on what kind of field of view (FOV) that you can get when using a specific camera at various focal length. For most modern SLR cameras, there are several crop factors available in the market. Mainly, there are:-
  • Full Frame bodies (35mm) as the reference with the crop factor of 1.0x
  • Canon APS-H with crop factor of 1.3x
  • Canon APS-C with crop factor of 1.6x
  • Nikon DX, Sony, Pentax crop bodies uses crop factor of 1.5x
  • Olympus crop bodies with crop factor of 2.0x
You may read the details at Wikipedia - Image sensor format. Examples are:- Full frame
  • All Canon 1Ds series - Canon 1Ds MK III...
  • All Canon 5D series - Canon 5D, Canon 5D MK II...
  • Nikon D3, Nikon D3s, Nikon D3x, Nikon D700...
  • Sony A850, Sony A900...
This article serves as a guide and as a reference to kick-start yourself into buying your first ever D-SLR system. For this article, we will be only focusing on 5 models.
Well, if you arrive at this page by the keyword "DIY Drybox", then, you have come to the right place. Making your own dry box is actually very straight forward. Firs tof all, you will need to prepare the following items
There are simply too many terms/abbreviations used to describe the specifications of a piece of glass. We try to compile everything that we know and we can find in the Internet. Please do comment if there's a new term found. And the term used may differ from one brand to another one. Just like in cars, there are DVVT, VVT-i, CVVT or VVT but they all actually perform similarly in the end result.
I want to take landscape/scenery photos from afar today. I want to travel light and do not bring all the glasses with me but just when I open up my cabinet door, I paused. No, nothing is missing in the cabinet. I do not have idea on what to take.