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In search for better search

Moving on from our recent update to include flashguns into our tracking list, we are now looking in enhancing the sample photos search capability.

When you are browsing in a body or a flash‘s page, we will not be able to get the same  comprehensive search filters like what we can get when browsing in a lens‘s page. (See screen-shot below)

Unfortunately, in this phase, we are rushing out to provide the fundamental support for flashes first minus the search filtering feature but there’s no worry about that. We are already started thinking about it even before we release this very upgrade.

Joseph Lim:

if can filter the photo of each lens by camera body (ala would be a welcomed feature too.

Also, we will be looking into something much more powerful where you can define your own search criteria rather than being restricted to a specific body or a lens when browsing for sample photos.

For instance, you can do something like…. “If I pick this body Canon 500D and a Canon 15mm fisheye lens, what kind of photos will I get?“. And you can keep refining your search criteria like aperture, focal and such.

Thanks for those who have given their feedback to us. Keep ’em comin!