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Happy New Year 2011 to all our readers.

We are happy to see some growth in our readership as time goes. This gives up a very important indication on whether we are still developing this project right and making sure that this project, for what it does, it is still relevant to everyone else out there.

Thanks to everyone who have expressed their views, given their feedbacks no matter if it’s a compliment or a critic. Keep them coming!

Well, before the year coming to an end, we added some spices into the project.

In the sample photos section every camera gear’s article, we have added a “summary” section on the characteristics of  the photos being listed. One can easily tell that kind of camera body or lens being used the most, focal length, aperture and so on.

With this feature going live, these are just some of the many questions that we can answer. For examples:-

  • Who actually use this lens most?
  • What lens are being used this particular camera body the most?
  • For this zoom lens, what focal length that people usually use it on?
  • This lens has the largest aperture of f/1.4, but do the majority of photos taken using this piece of glass are taken at f/1.4 too?
  • If I’m using this lens, at these particular settings set, what kind of other settings other people are likely to use?

And a lot other questions that may arise.

And of course that’s just the summary, we can find detailed analysis on each of the characteristics mentioned in the summary (or more!) too. This is how things would look like in the case of Canon EF 50mm f/1.8.

This is just the first phase in our implementation of this feature. Coming up next, we will be adding textual data/analysis on top of each graph that you are seeing. And, of course, we will be expanding this feature to the Explore! section soon.