Sigma 105mm f/2.8 EX DG OS HSM Macro

Latest Price: MYR 1990

Mount: Canon EF, Nikon FX, Sigma

Tagged: Telephoto, Portrait, Low light, Macro

  • Designed for use with full frame digital SLR cameras. May also be used with smaller APS-c size sensors with a corresponding effective increase in focal length to about 150mm with most cameras
  • Focuses down to 1:1 magnification ratio at its closest working distance of 12.3 inches
  • Extremely compact measuring only 5.1 inches long.
  • A hood adapter, lens hood, front & rear lens caps are included with the lens.
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Top Camera Bodies that uses this Lens
Canon EOS 7D 

Latest Price: MYR 3899

Sony SLT-A77 

Latest Price: MYR 3288

Nikon D5100 

Latest Price: MYR 1290

Nikon D7000 

Latest Price: MYR 2860.94

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F 105 mm A f/8.0 S 1/160 I 100
F 105 mm A f/5.6 S 1/125 I 800
F 105 mm A f/8.0 S 1/125 I 320
F 105 mm A f/8.0 S 1/125 I 200
F 105 mm A f/4.0 S 1/60 I 400
Zebra Swallowtail / Eurytides Marcellus [6.16.12]
F 105 mm A f/3.3 S 1/5000 I 320