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Nikon D5000


Price: MYR 2160




F 92 mm A f/9.0 S 1/125 I 200
F 116 mm A f/10.0 S 1/200 I 200
F 105 mm A f/11.0 S 1/800 I 200


F 32 mm A f/6.3 S 1/3200 I 640
F 18 mm A f/18.0 S 1/250 I 200
F 26 mm A f/16.0 S 1/2000 I 640


Nikon D5000

The Nikon D5000 DX-Format Digital SLR Camera features an innovative Vari-angle monitor for an exciting new take on photographic expression. It adds a flexible dimension to Live View shooting, which vividly shows your subject in real-time. Now with this freely adjustable monitor, taking great shots and movie clips with Live View is easier and more enjoyable than ever.

Nikon’s DX-format CMOS sensor with 12.3 effective megapixels records all the details of the original scene for breathtakingly lifelike photos. Shadows and highlights reveal exceptional details while a remarkably high signal-to-noise ratio vastly reduces noise – especially important when shooting at high ISO settings.

The D5000 enhances Live View shooting by giving you a choice of different display views. Minimize displayed camera settings when you want an uncluttered view of the scene, or show vital information at a glance for situations requiring a comprehensive readout of settings.

Different types of photos require different focus strategies and the D5000 has the right Live View autofocus mode for any occasion. Whether it’s a unique expression, dynamic action, or a small object in a big composition, the four easily selectable modes help you stay focused for sharp results.

The D5000 makes it point-and-shoot simple to acquire clear, tack-sharp photos when composing via the bright, informative optical viewfinder. Whether your subject is off-center, moving fast, or completely unpredictable, the D5000 has the right autofocus solution.

The D5000’s normal ISO range of 200 to 3200 can be expanded to cover ISO 100 to 6400, letting you capture the natural ambience of a warmly lit room or vibrant street scene when the use of flash or tripod isn’t an option. The extended sensitivity is also ideal for shooting sports, allowing fast shutter speeds to freeze action.

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Nikon D5000 review by

The D5000 is the latest in a long line of impressive DSLRs from Nikon, delivering great image quality and a powerful feature-set that represents a significant upgrade over its predecessor, the D60. Like many of today’s new DSLRs, the D5000 borrows a great deal from a higher-end model in the range, in this case the D90, but repackages it in a more affordable form factor with at least one key advantage in its favour.

Nikon D5000 review by

The D5000 features the same 12.9 megapixel (12.3 million effective pixels) APS-C (or DX format, in Nikon’s nomenclature) sensor and Nikon’s latest generation EXPEED processor found in the D90. It also inherits the 11 point AF system with color and distance tracking as well as optional viewfinder gridlines from the D90. The viewfinder magnification is slightly smaller than the one in the D40X/D60, but the extra AF points and viewfinder gridlines make for a superior user experience.

Head-2-Head Review: Canon EOS Rebel T1i vs. Nikon D5000

In a lot of ways, the D5000 and the T1i represent Nikon and Canon at the top of their games. It’s easy to build a high-end product that you can toss everything into, with the mission to put together the best possible performance. When you are trying to keep the price under control, though, and in the case of these cameras, we’re talking less than $1000 with a lens, it challenges the designers to put together not necessarily the absolute best, but the most workable for the money. Both of these cameras are showpieces of great design. There are, however, significant differences in philosophy and priority that show up, and define the two DSLRs.

Malaysia Prices

Date Store Price (MYR) Warranty Note
8 Dec 2011 Grade One Photo Solution 2160 Official AF-S 18-55mm VR kit
8 Dec 2011 Grade One Photo Solution 1780 Official
9 Jun 2011 DY Divine Sdn. Bhd. 1999 Official AF-S 18-55mm VR kit
10 Apr 2011 Shashinki 2199 Official AF-S 18-55mm VR kit
10 Apr 2011 Shashinki 1899 Official