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On going: Better search photo options

About 2 months ago, we fitted the sample photos section with the ability to narrow down the search of photos by camera model. Since then, some of you may notice that there may be not much of developments that we brought to date but this isn’t the case.

We have been working diligently in the background on the integrity of the database and the application level to make sure it is still fit and will still deliver what is really matters. Thousands of redundant and not-so-good sample photos have been removed. We are not looking for simply snapshots instead but photos that (fully) exploit on what a particular lens can deliver that holds (certain) photographic and artistic values nonetheless.

We have been busy keeping tabs on any new lens or bodies that have been introduced into the market as well. It’s really quite a hectic job but we are loving it as we are passionate towards photography as well. We are thinking of a simpler platform to interact with us too sometimes so that it would be a healthy two-way communication exchanging precious views.

As for now, we are still looking into improving the search filtering capability of the sample photos and till then, enjoy the show.

PS: It has been a really long way till what we are today and we are seeing success in it! Thanks for supporting us and in return we will continue to thrive with it!