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Sony HVL-F58AM


Price: MYR 1269.88


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F 70 mm A f/2.8 S 1/125 I 320
F 35 mm A f/5.6 S 1/250 I 100
DT 18-70mm F3.5-5.6
F 26 mm A f/4.5 S 1/250 I 100
DT 18-70mm F3.5-5.6
F 35 mm A f/5.6 S 1/250 I 100
DT 50mm F1.8 SAM
F 50 mm A f/2.5 S 1/125 I 200
Sony AF DT 16-105mm F3.5-5.6 or 55-200mm F4-5.5
F 30 mm A f/6.3 S 1/100 I 100
F 26 mm A f/9.5 S 1/90 I 200
F A S I 0
F 70 mm A f/2.8 S 1/15 I 200
F 70 mm A f/2.8 S 1/10 I 200
F 20 mm A f/7.1 S 1/125 I 500
F 60 mm A f/11.0 S 1/90 I 200
F 45 mm A f/16.0 S 1/200 I 200
F 100 mm A f/3.5 S 1/60 I 100


The Sony HVL-F58AM Digital Camera Flash is Sony’s flagship flash unit, and provides Sony Alpha camera users with a host of powerful and professional features. It features an effective range of more than 45′ (14.5 m) and a guide number of 190’/58 m (at 105mm), and a fast, five-second recharge time.

The HVL-F58AM can also wirelessly control up to three groups of flashes, and Wireless Ratio Control allows you to assign ratios for each group separately. The Quick Shift Bounce system allows the flash to orbit 90° left and right, allowing you to maintain horizontal light distribution even when shooting vertically. Other useful features are: ADI metering, auto white balance, auto zoom and high-speed sync.

It is the perfect flash for formal portraits, weddings and special events, still-life photography, hobby shots and more.

Auto WB Adjustment
The Auto WB adjusts the white balance automatically, with color temperature information signaled to the Alpha camera before WB is adjusted.

High-Speed Sync
The HVL-F58AM flash unit provides High-Speed Synchronization (HSS) mode that enables flash sync with shutter speeds from 1/500 to 1/4000 of a second to catch fast-moving subjects.

ADI Flash Metering
ADI (Advanced Distance Integration) metering capability enables the HVL-F58AM to work more effectively with lenses equipped with distance encoders, combining TTL (through-the-lens) flash metering with guide number control calculated automatically according to the distance to the subject, the ambient light and the pre-flash reflectivity of the subject.

Wireless Ratio Control
Wireless Ratio Control allows the user to wirelessly control up to three groups of flashes, and to specify the power ratio for each group, to allow for multiple-flash lighting techniques without the need for special equipment or tedious exposure settings.

Fast Recharge
This flash recharges approximately 55% faster than the previous Sony high-end accessory flash (HVL-F56AM). And because it features a quiet recycle charge, there’s no whine to distract them from their subject.

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Malaysia Prices

Date Store Price (MYR) Warranty Note
20 Jun 2017 Shashinki 1269.88 Official Sony HVL-F58AM Digital Camera Flash for Sony Alpha Series (Sony Malaysia)
18 Aug 2015 Shashinki 1269.88 Official
24 Sep 2014 Shashinki 1198 Official
15 Mar 2014 Shashinki 1198 Official
13 Oct 2012 DY Divine Sdn. Bhd. 1095 Official