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Sony SLT-A33


Mount: Sony A-mount
Price: MYR 2499


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Announced: 31 Aug 2009

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F 100 mm A f/2.8 S 1/1250 I 1600
F 105 mm A f/8.0 S 1/320 I 200
F 250 mm A f/8.0 S 1/400 I 400


If you like to live on the edge, this Sony DSLR SLT-A33 Digital Camera will take you to the leading edge of DSLR technology, with the first-ever translucent mirror design. For the first time, a high-resolution live image preview with rapid, accurate phase detection autofocus is available at all times–via the LCD or the electronic viewfinder. This means that even moving objects stay in sharp focus at all times, whether you’re shooting full HD video or stills.

That’s not all the A33 has to offer, though. It’s got 14.2MP of high resolution captured on an APS-C size HD CMOS image sensor, an incredibly sharp, bright 3″ tiltable LCD screen with 921,000 dots, built-in flash, full HD 1080/60i video, a fabulous 3D panorama mode that combines 3 pictures into a 3D image, and up to 7 frames per second continuous shooting.

With the image stabilization, Hand-held Night Shot mode, Multi-frame NR mode (which takes 6 photos in rapid succession and uses the best data from each to create 1 stunning picture), and sensitivity up to ISO 25600, you won’t ever have to miss a picture due to darkness again.

Face Detection recognizes faces and optimizes exposure and focus for them, Smile Shutter takes the picture only when it detects the subject smiling. There’s also an automatic HDR mode which take 3 photos of a high-contrast situation, and melds the highlight, shadow and mid-tone data together to create 1 optimal photo. Of course the A33 also has creative modes such as Standard, Vivid, Portrait, Landscape, Sunset, B/W (Contrast, Saturation, Sharpness adjustable in +/-3 steps), Macro, Sports Action, Night Portrait, and many more.

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Sony Alpha SLT-A33 and A55 Overview by

It’s what this high technology allows that’s so exciting: real-time, phase-detect autofocus while firing off up to ten 16-megapixel images per second in the A55, and seven 14-megapixel frames per second in the A33. To get 10 frames per second from any other camera, you’d need to look at professional cameras that cost around $5,000; and they’re still not capable of real-time autofocus betwen shots like the new Sony Alpha SLT cameras. Real-time phase-detect autofocus is also constantly available in Movie mode, something no current SLR can achieve.

Sony A55 and A33 don’t provide a true optical viewfinder, but instead rely on electronic viewfinders. It’s a sensible decision. The drawback to using the pellicle mirror to provide a viewfinder as past cameras did is that with most of the light being transmitted to the imaging plane, the optical viewfinder is necessarily very dim.

In the A55 and A33, about 70% of the light makes it to the imaging sensor, while 30% is reflected to the autofocus module. With a traditional SLR, all the incoming light arrives at the image sensor once the mirror is raised, and the same is true of an SLD camera whenever its shutter is open.

Sweep Panorama mode makes shooting panoramas easy, but not entirely brainless


Sony SLT-A33 Sample Gallery by

Malaysia Prices

Date Store Price (MYR) Warranty Note
18 Apr 2012 Shashinki 2499 Official SAL1855 and SAL55200-2 kit
18 Apr 2012 Shashinki 2139 Official SAL1855 kit
30 Dec 2011 Bintang Electronics (BB Plaza) 2050 Official SAL1855 kit
11 Sep 2011 Pro Images Photography 1999 Official SAL1855 kit
11 Sep 2011 Aver Awards Sdn Bhd 2399 Official SAL1855 kit