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Pentax K-7


Price: MYR 4688


  • Faster focusing
  • Improved live view
  • Faster frame rate
  • Good build
  • Good noise performance
  • Built-in HDR shooting
  • PC sync socket
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    F 50 mm A f/2.8 S 1/25 I 100
    F 50 mm A f/1.8 S 1/320 I 100
    F 50 mm A f/1.4 S 1/200 I 400


    F 250 mm A f/5.6 S 1/800 I 400
    F 200 mm A f/5.6 S 1/800 I 400
    F 88 mm A f/5.6 S 1/800 I 400
    F 250 mm A f/5.6 S 1/800 I 400


    Packed with features, the Pentax K-7 Digital SLR Camera brings next-generation technology to the time-tested, world renowned family of Pentax SLRs. Compatible with every Pentax K mount lens (some 25 million are out there), the durable, magnesium alloy body houses a newly-developed 14.6 megapixel CMOS sensor for rich color, sharp contrast, and the very best in image quality. The PRIME II processing engine allows for fast 5.2 frames-per-second shooting – great for wildlife, fast action sports, and adventure photography. Fortified with the 11-point SAFOX VIII+ Autofocus System and Advanced Shake Reduction Technology, the K-7 keeps all of your subjects in sharp focus, even in low-light.

    High Definition Video Capture, perhaps the most sought after feature in SLR Digital Cameras, comes to the Pentax System in big way. Smooth 30-frames-per-second 1024p and 720p video are as easy as point and shoot. HDMI output from the body makes sharing your photos and movies on an HDTV possible with a single plug. An onboard internal mono microphone allows you to capture spontaneous audio with video, and the 3.5mm stereo input offers higher quality options for professional applications. From family vacations to professional wedding video, the Pentax K-7 offers everything you need to capture next-generation photos and video!

    14.6 Megapixel CMOS Sensor
    The K-7 Digital SLR uses a low-power, low-heat 14.6 megapixel CMOS Image Sensor, which yields less image noise and longer battery life. CMOS technology also allows a higher density of circuitry at the pixel level allowing for greater sensitivity, higher tonal range, and superior image quality.

    Tough, Rugged Body
    Lightweight and highly durable, the Pentax K-7 is weather resistant, dust-proof, and can even operate in extreme cold environments (14°F / -10°C). The stainless steel chassis provides a tough, protective frame while the magnesium alloy shell blocks outside interference–ensuring consistent signal processing for high-quality, low-noise images.

    Compatible with All Pentax Interchangeable Lenses
    Over the last 60 years, Pentax has manufactured over 25 million lenses. The K-7 can use them all. The camera provides backward compatibility with K, KA, KAF and KAF2 mount lenses directly and is also compatible with screw-mount 35mm-format lenses and Pentax 645 and 67 system lenses with optional adapters. Whichever lens you choose, be assured that your photos will show the warmth, style, and beauty of the Pentax optical system.

    Advanced Shake Reduction Technology
    The Pentax Shake Reduction (SR) System is an electromagnetically controlled stabilizer built into the body to ensure shake-free photos with any lens. Unlike traditional two-way stabilization systems, SR compensates for movement in three directions–horizontal, vertical, and rotational. By detecting handheld camera shake, sharpness is dramatically increased when using telephoto lenses, working under low light conditions or in any instance where unwanted shake may affect a photograph.

    HD Video Recording
    The K-7 is the first Pentax SLR to feature full HD recording capability. 1024p or 720p videos are captured at a smooth 30 frames-per-second with sound. Attach an external microphone or wireless receiver for more professional audio options. Full HD playback on your HDTV is easy using an optional HDMI cable.

    Live View Mode
    Live View mode, with contrast AF, Face Detection, and optional histogram, grid, and bright/dark area display, allows you to quickly compose your images without having to position your eye against the viewfinder.

    Electronic Level Indicator
    Finding the perfect horizon is fast and easy using the K-7’s built-in Electronic Level Indicator. From dramatic portraiture to wide landscape photography, the level indicator is truly an indispensable tool for hand-held and tripod photography.

    SAFOX VIII+ Autofocus System
    Nine cross-type sensors, 2 wide angle sensors, and a dedicated AF assist lamp combine for fast one-shot autofocus, as well as AF tracking. From close-ups of flowers to a fast play on the court, you can rest assured that your images will be tight, sharp, and always in focus.

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    Pentax K-7 review by

    The Pentax K-7 manages to combine superb build quality, comprehensive customization options, excellent ergonomics and an extensive feature set with (for a camera in this class) very compact dimensions. This makes it a more than viable alternative for those (but not only for those) who like to work with semi-pro equipment that still leaves some space in the gear bag. JPEG output at high sensitivities is not quite on the same level as some of the competitors but if you revert to shooting RAW things are pretty much evened out.

    Pentax K-7 Review (and comparison to Canon EOS 500D, Nikon D5000 and Olympus E-620) by

    Overall Pentax are onto a winner with the K-7, especially if the sensor change in the final, final version improves the noise levels at the higher ISO speeds. Current Pentax owners can be delighted that the best ever Pentax DSLR is has (almost) arrived, with the K-7 being a natural upgrade for both the Km and K20D. Photographers with no vested interest in a particular manufacturers system now find themselves spoilt for choice in the prosumer category, with the K-7, Canon EOS 50D, Olympus E-3 and Nikon D300 all at the same price point. In many ways the Pentax K-7 offers the best overall package out of them all, and is a really serious contender for your cash.

    Pentax K-7 Digital SLR Review by

    I’m so impressed with the K-7 that I think this is one of the most exciting cameras released this year. I think this could rival the Olympus E-620 for the title, which I’m tipping as one of the best DSLRs ever made. It certainly improves on the K20D but then as a higher class this should be a no-brainer.

    Of course, as always, I’m not entirely satisfied and I think there’s room for improvement in the video area thanks to the release of the new Panasonic DMC-GH1 showing everyone how it’s done. The buttons aren’t overly responsive but this could be down to the pre-production model so I don’t want to put too much emphasis on it.

    Established Pentax users will be extremely happy with the new features and picture quality along with the continued backwards compatibility of older Pentax lenses. New comers to the Pentax brand will see new technology that hasn’t been seen on any other camera yet as well as proven features that users want and need.

    Well done Pentax.

    Pentax K-7: Plus points

    • Faster focusing
    • Improved live view
    • Faster frame rate
    • Good build
    • Good noise performance
    • Built-in HDR shooting
    • PC sync socket

    Pentax K-7: Minus points

    • Portrait underexposed slightly
    • Colours aren’t the best I’ve seen
    • No full HD video

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